Our Committment to you is Doing Business the Right Way.............

By being Committed to preserving the quality of life for our clients in the comfort of their home…

Our Committment to you is Doing Business the right way.......

Levels of loneliness in Great Britain have increased since spring 2020. ... From October 2020 to February 2021, results from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) show that proportion increased to 7.2% of the adult population (about 3.7 million adults)

“The Office for National Statistics has been researching people’s well-being for nearly a decade, providing a different perspective on how our country is doing, and on social inequalities. "Lockdown" affected everyone, but responses differed. During that first month, the equivalent of 7.4 million people said their well-being was affected through feeling lonely.

We are committed to having companion carers with right attitude and a caring manner,  we train them to always work with integrity and empathy.  We trained our companion carers to be kind, understanding and friendly.

At the end of the day, we want our companions to be seen as invaluable friends by the people they are looking after, and those are the type of people we take on to be companions.  Our companion carers are all experienced, deeply committed and passionate about enabling everyone to maintain their independence and enjoy later life.  

  • We will help you collect or return medication from your pharmacy or dispensing GP surgery

  • Prepare meals with or for you and assist you at mealtimes

  • Collect your pension for you or with you

  • We assist in Shopping with you or help you to make a shopping list, go to the shops, come back and put it all away

  • Help with your laundry or ironing and keeping your home clean and tidy

  • Support you with social activities such as going out for a walk, attending a day centre, visiting friends or family, going to your church or club etc

  • organise your storage, clean clothes, fresh bedding and a thoughtfully prepared meal before bedtime

We match your love one with an experienced, well vetted carer who will care for your love one with compassion and honesty.  Our fees are very reasonable, you can negotiate the fees with us and we'll be happy to agree a fee you can afford. The most important thing is your satisfaction in the service we provide and we take it very seriously.

All our professionals have been vetted with background checks, references and certificates to prove they reach the standards you expect.  

Our Manager does not only work in the office, she is most times on the road visiting clients to monitor staff performance in their various field. Our commitment to you is to exceed your expectations, we mean every word as  our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services we provide.


Our control and quality assurance procedures including recruitment, training and monitoring of clients’ conditions help us to achieve the high standards in the service we provide.  Our services are fully managed and are supported by robust systems in which we invest. Above all, we listen, we learn and we care.

Reasons to choose 100%  Care professionals:

  • Highest standard of carers with passionate heart

  • Unrivalled friendly team

  • dedicated teams

  • Assured quality



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